Travel Diaries : A Day in Kashmir

They say if you want to see Heaven on Earth, then you must visit Kashmir.True to its words.Kashmir truly is Heaven.There is a heavenly aura in the wind. The Skies are clearer than ever. Due to limited time ,I got to visit only Srinagar. But hey, my plans are on to explore Kashmir furthermore.

Things were different.We witnessed beautiful people.They had stars in their eyes and a nightingale in their voice.They sounded sugar.


A night in the Boat Hotel and Shopping in the Boat Shops.

Yes , We stayed at the Dal Lake Hotel.I must tell you guys.The Hotels were well equipped with everything.And most importantly.The Interior was made off wooden furniture and it represented Kashmiri Tradition and Culture.
Next Morning , We were up to go in a Shopping.The Shops had Handicrafts and Pashminas Shawls, Saffron, Authentic Kawa(A type of tea), Handmade Jewelry and many more things. We sat comfortable on our Boat, eating Maggi noodles and Tea. Shopkeepers on their respective boats would sometimes stop their boats to sell their items. We spent 4 hours in the boat. An experience in itself

We prepared ourselves for our next destination.Mentally and Physically challenging road trip that lied ahead of us. We packed our bags and got ready to leave the next day early morning.
You Guys, wherever you are.Put this place in your Bucket list or make it the next destination to look forward. It will not fail to amuse you.
After all To Travel is to Live.

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